Keys to the Heart – CD

Keys to the Heart – CD

Originally released in 1997 and discontinued in 2003, Keys to the Heart has been rereleased for 2018. This album was dedicated to my father who had died from Alzheimers disease two years prior to the original release date. At that time, I was helping care for him as his physical and mental abilities declined. On the day of his passing, I sat quietly at my piano to compose the title track for this album. This tune and all the music I composed afterwards helped me make it through this tough time.

Keys to the Heart was discontinued in 2003 after CD’s were sold out and it was difficult to manufacture more copies (the graphics and master disc had been lost). In 2018, the album cover was redesigned from scratch and the recording was brought into the digital age. You can stream or download it from digital music providers such as Spotify and Apple Music/iTunes, and a limited number of physical CD’s (100) are available to order directly from Joseph Akins through this website.

Keys to the Heart includes much more than piano. I incorporated keyboards on a few tracks and even played saxophone on one. Other musicians on the album include vocals by Unita, flutes by Wiz, percussion by Bob Stagner and classical guitar by Ken Cardillo.

I consider this album to be a doorway into the early days of my keyboard playing and composing. A time when I began to discover deeper purposes for music and life.

Keys to the Heart – CD: