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I’m excited to announce my new album! Castle Moon is my fifth album since 2007 and I believe it to be my best work yet! It has eleven new piano solos and the theme from the HBO show Game of Thrones. I’ve been working on this music for over the last two years, and decided to record it this summer during my travels to Sedona, Arizona. Overall, the music has a night theme with songs such as “Night Runner”, “Gypsy Dreams” and “Moon Shadows”. If you like my previous albums, such as Spirit Touch, I believe you’ll like this one too!

Good news! Even though the release date is October 1, you can hear and order the CD NOW! At only, you can order and have it shipped to you immediately. If you would like it autographed, let me know. If you would like to listen first, simply go to my web site and start the music player. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as did creating it! – Joseph


CastleMoonCover 72 dpi